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Renewing your lease? Don’t get trappedPosted on: Oct 12, 2018

Renewing your lease? Don’t get trapped

I love the movie Goodfellas. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve seen it. There’s one line that scares me every time. Ray Liotta’s character is describing what it’s like when the mob needs to kill one of its own. “Your murderers come with smiles—they come as your friends,” he says. If you’re a […]

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Need a short term lease? The deck is stacked against youPosted on: Apr 25, 2018

Need a short term lease? The deck is stacked against you

An office lease can be complicated. For an important project, you’ll probably need a broker, a building contractor, an architect, and a project manager. Here’s the problem: each one comes with his or her own set of financial incentives. It can be hard to know what those incentives are, but you’ll rely on their advice. […]

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Fired or let go? How to see through the liesPosted on: Nov 7, 2017

Fired or let go? How to see through the lies

My girlfriend dumped me. Not recently, about twenty years ago, long before I met my wife. It was painful. It was stressful. I hated it. However, I had another reaction that was even stronger: curiosity. Why? What had I done wrong? Was it really over? I asked, then I asked again. Then I called late […]

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How do you build trust? It’s not about honestyPosted on: Sep 8, 2017

How do you build trust? It’s not about honesty

Trust is the holy grail of a business relationship. It allows us to leverage our strengths, use each other’s skills, and most of all, it allows us to move quickly. Trust eliminates the need for meetings, oversight and micromanagement. It empowers people to act and make decisions.

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